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Actuator Supplier

American Precision Supply is one of the midwest’s leading distributor of electric, pneumatic, single and double rack and pinion actuators, control valves, limit switches, and solenoids. We carry products from Air Torque, ASCO, Hytork/Emerson, Sharpe, Topworx, Pentair, Westlock, and Xomox. This diverse line of manufacturers ensures that we’ll have the product that fits your requirement, with cutting materials and features. In addition, APS offers custom automated valve packages.

Please see below for a list of Actuators we carry:

  • Asco Solenoid Valves

  • Multi Tum Electric Actuators
  • Quarter Tum Electric Actuators

  • Bus Networking Products
  • Limit Switches
  • Emergency Shutdown Valve

  • Multi Turn Electric Actuators
  • Quarter Turn Electric

  • Quarter Turn Electric

  • Limit Switches
  • Positioners

  • Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuators

  • Pneumatic Scotch Yoke Actuators

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An actuator is a component in a machine that facilitates movement. Actuators function within a machine to complete specific mechanical tasks and can be powered by many different energy sources, such as electrical, air, or hydraulic, to transform energy into mechanical force.

Actuators can be found in a range of devices from mobile phones to automobiles. Actuators are commonly found in electric motors, jackscrews, stepper motors, and a variety of robotic components.

American Precision Supply is a leading distributor of single, double rack, electric, pneumatic, and pinion actuators. We are proud to offer several brands, such as Topworx, Air Torque, ASCO, Westlock, Hytork/Emerson, Sharpe, and Xomox. Our tremendous selection of manufacturers ensures we have the product you need.

Types of Actuators

Actuator valves and controls are categorized by their energy source and the motion they generate. The most common types of actuators include:

Rotary vs. Linear

Rotary actuators generate a circular movement. They’re most often used to complete a turning action and can be used in tandem with linear actuators to produce multidirectional movement. Most rotary actuators are powered by electricity, but others can utilize hydraulic or pneumatic systems. Rotary actuators are commonly found in such products as electric fans or windshield wipers.

Linear actuators move in a straight line and can be powered mechanically or electrically. Most linear actuators are found in pneumatic or hydraulic devices.


Manual actuators are manipulated by hand. There are a variety of manual actuators in use today. The most common example of manual actuators is a basic lever that utilizes a quarter-turn valve.


Pneumatic actuators create consistent and reliable mechanical movement through the use of pressurized gas. They are used in situations that demand precision, specifically in applications that require frequent starting and stopping. Pneumatic actuators are found in exercise machines, vane motors, pressure sensors, pneumatic mailing systems, and bus brakes.


Electric actuators are powered by electricity and are used for precise motion due to the constant flow of electricity. Some common products that utilize electric actuators are electric cars and robotic components.


  • Automation: Actuators are used in a host of industrial applications to automate processes. Their common uses are label scanning and printing, robotic controls, solar panel controls, and packaging.
  • Automobiles: Actuators are found in automobile door locking mechanisms, window controls, throttle controls, and car hood controls.
  • Medical Industry: Medicine is largely dependent upon actuators. One of the most important functions is their use in ventilators. Actuators are also used in other patient handling processes.
  • Machinery: Actuators can be found in CNC machines, robotic welding machines, material handling machines, and much more.
  • Valve Operation: Solenoid valves require electrical actuators to maintain their automated function.
    Cutting: Machines have drastically improved human safety in industrial cutting applications. Linear actuators ensure consistent, accurate cuts.
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing: The modern world of food and beverage manufacturing requires automation. Manufacturing companies must operate as efficiently and quickly as possible to ensure the timely distribution of products. Actuators are often used in conveyors, pouch machines, toasters, food processors, deboning devices, and meat separators.


When selecting an actuator for your application, it is important to know the benefits of each type to optimize performance in your application.

  • Rotary vs. Linear: Rotary and linear actuators are extremely efficient in that they can be used simultaneously to perform a series of basic functions. They also provide high quality automation and reduced production times.
  • Manual: The primary advantages of manual actuators are that it is affordable, reliable, and will not require an outside power source.
  • Pneumatic: The advantages of pneumatic actuators include extreme precision, power, speed, reliability, and durability.
  • Electric: Electric actuators offer easy integration, enhanced safety, reduced costs, and easy assembly.

American Precision Supply

American Precision Supply has over 35 years of innovative problem-solving. We are dedicated to providing our customers the highest level of customer service and will take on projects of any size. Our company maintains an expansive inventory to help us provide impeccable service. We are a woman-owned company that specializes in industrial pipes, fittings, valves, and instrumentation. We offer many full-service and turnkey solutions, as well as valve automation for manufacturing and construction industries. Contact us to learn how we can support you as your actuator supplier or request a quote.