Pipe, Valve & Fittings Supplies in Springfield, IL

American Precision Supply (APS) is a trusted provider of pipe, valve, and fitting supplies in Springfield, IL. For those looking for industrial pipe companies, we offer high-quality pipes, fittings, and valves with unparalleled service to meet our customers’ plumbing needs.

For more than three decades, APS has been committed to serving the Springfield, IL, community through local partnerships, tailored services, and community involvement.

About American Precision Supply

With over 35 years of industry experience, APS has developed into a leading supplier of industrial plumbing products. We are proud to be a certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and work hard every day to deliver exceptional service and quality products to our loyal customer base.

Our mission is to provide accuracy and precision in every service and product we offer, ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Our Product Offerings

APS provides a complete range of plumbing supplies that can meet the demands of various industries and applications:

  • TLV Steam Products: Our products offer advanced solutions for steam management.
  • Valves: We carry a broad range of valves, including valve actuation systems and actuation valves.
  • Instrumentation: Our high-quality instruments provide accurate control and measurements.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Pipe Fittings: We deliver durable fittings to ensure long-lasting installations.
  • Commercial and Sanitary Piping Specialties: We offer customized solutions for various sanitary and commercial applications.
  • Piping: We carry a wide variety of pipes to meet the demands of different plumbing requirements.
  • Steam and Condensate Solutions: We provide efficient systems for the proper management of steam and condensate.

Our Featured Services

At APS, we provide the following quality industrial plumbing services to meet the needs of our customers.

Valve Automation

APS is well-regarded for our valve automation capabilities. We provide custom automation packages that include positioners, limit switches, solenoid valves, and more. All of our Illinois locations are fully equipped to handle all actuator and valve combinations, testing every package before shipment.

Precision Pipe Cutting/Grooving/Threading

Our capabilities include in-house threading, grooving, and cutting for pipes between ¼″ to 12″. We pay close attention to meeting the specific demands of every application.

Fabricated Lined Pipe Spools

APS fabricates lined pipe spools ranging in size from ½″ to 6″ to meet the exact specifications of an application.

Truck Deliveries

We provide efficient and convenient truck deliveries, unloading materials at your desired location at no additional charge.

Inventory Management Programs

APS inventory management solutions make customers’ onsite inventory more profitable and efficient. We offer comprehensive, customized programs that include electronic data interchange (EDI) and barcoding.

Complete Plant Steam Surveys With Customized Reporting

Coordinating with TLV, we can conduct thorough steam surveys utilizing infrared and ultrasonic testing equipment. The service helps detect non-operating steam leaks and traps, providing detailed reporting for prevention and maintenance purposes.

Process Steam Training Seminars

Our experienced and knowledgeable steam management personnel offer multi-tiered beginner to advanced steam training sessions for your staff.

Valve Repair

APS partners with leading Midwest valve repair facilities to provide reliable, efficient valve repair services.

Why Choose APS For Your Pipe, Valve & Fitting Needs in Springfield, IL?

APS has a vast product line, local knowledge, and the expertise to serve the Springfield market. We provide responsive service, quick turnaround times, and 24/7 emergency service for urgent needs. We have a long list of satisfied customers in Springfield who have contributed to our client success stories.

Get in Touch With APS Today for Your Industrial Pipe, Valve & Fitting Supply Needs in Springfield, IL

APS is committed to putting customers first by delivering excellence in our products, pricing, and services. Our high-quality industrial products exceed our customers’ expectations in value and accuracy, and our service is second to none.

Contact us or request a quote to learn more about our wide range of industrial piping, valve, and fitting (PVF) solutions and onsite inventory management programs that can meet the demands of your next project.