TLV Steam Products

TLV Steam Products is a leading manufacturer of industrial steam traps globally. We are the preferred source for pressure-reducing valves, condensate pumps, and other fluid measurement and control equipment.

All of TLV’s products are designed to provide superior performance and reliability. In addition, we help American Precision Supply provide engineering and consulting services and design and construct power and steam systems. You can now find APS’ product line in TLV’s catalog.

TLV Steam Solutions

At TLV we offer a diverse selection of APS steam solutions for our customers in steam-powered industries worldwide. Some of our products include:

Check Valves
A check valve is a device that allows fluid to flow in only one direction. It is typically used to prevent backflow and protect systems from damage. Disc check valves are used in various applications, including plumbing, engines, and pumps.

TVL Types: TVL carries a range of spring-loaded check valves designed to prevent backflow and ensure that fluid flows in the intended direction. Our spring-loaded check valves include:

  • CK3M/CK3T/CK3R

Control Valves

A control valve is a power-operated device that modulates the flow of fluids at varying degrees depending on the signal from the controlling system. They are used in different processes to control the temperature, pressure, flow, and other variables.

Control valves manipulate a flowing fluid, such as gas, steam, water, or chemical compounds. In the case of steam, they reduce the pressure of inlet steam, ensuring it’s dry and high quality for process operations.

Control valves have two parts — a valve and an actuator. The actuator can be controlled electrically, hydraulically, or pneumatically. An actuator receives a signal from the pilot during the operation and drives the valve open and shut, controlling the pressure, temperature, and fluid rates.

TVL Types: TLV control valve types include CV-COS Electro-Pneumatic Control Valve that can be controlled electrically and pneumatically.

Steam Traps

A steam trap is an automatic valve that can sense the difference between condensate and steam and discharge the condensates from the line. As the name suggests, these valves only allow gases and condensate to drain and trap the steam to offer mechanical power and heat.

Steam traps can be divided into different categories, including thermostatic, thermodynamic, and mechanical. Each type is suitable for different applications, like extreme temperatures, high pressures, steam mains, tracer line use, etc.

TLV Types: TLV offers a range of steam traps, including:

  • Thermodynamic Steam Trap
  • Thermostatic Steam Trap
  • Free Float Steam Trap
  • Temperature Control Trap
  • Disc Trap
  • Radiator Trap

Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV)

Pressure reducing valves (PRV), or pressure regulators as they are commonly referred to, are diaphragm actuated control valves that convert high water pressure at the inlet nozzle to a lower pressure at the outlet. They are hydraulically powered and function irrespective of the varying upstream force or fluctuating demand.

PRVs save water and ensure safe piping pressure by reducing higher upstream pressure to lower constant downstream pressure. The pilot valve senses the varying flow demand of outlet pressure, while the pilot diaphragm senses these changes and opens, closes, or maintains as desired.

TLV Types: TLV offers a range of PRVs, including:

  • COSPECT® – Troublefree Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Pressure Reducing Valves (Direct Acting)

Condensate Recovery

Condensate recovery is a centrifugal pump used in condensers to pump out the condensate (condensed steam) in near vapor pressure. The pump recovers and pumps the condensed steam straight to the boiler feed pump through a low-pressure feed heater in a closed circuit. And in an open circuit, it transports the condensate to a tank.

Applications include closed recovery, high lift, and mechanical applications where the use of electric power isn’t possible. The pump is automated and ceases operation when the flow of the incoming condensate stops.

Condensate recovery has many benefits, but the primary advantage is energy savings. Unrecovered condensate needs to be replaced by make-up water, which increases costs. There’s also the water treatment and fuel, which adds to the cost.

TLV Types: TLV offers a range of condensate recovery pumps, including:

  • PowerTrap® GP – Condensate Recovery Pump for Open Systems
  • PowerTrap® GT – Condensate Recovery Pump for Closed Systems
  • PowerTrap® GT5C – Compact Mechanical Pump with Steam Trap Designed to Eliminate Stall

TLV Steam Solutions at American Precision Supply

If you need a quality check valve, control valve, steam trap, or condensate recovery pump, look no further than TLV Steam Products. Contact us today to request a quote and see how we can help you improve your process efficiency.