Supplier & Distributor of Filters, Strainers & Gaskets

Pipe Specialties Supplier

Augmenting our vast inventory of piping and piping supplies, we also offer a wide range of filters, strainers, and gaskets. This additional diversity in products offered has helped to bolster our reputation as the misdwest’s’ premier piping supplier. Contact us for self-cleaning filters from Airpel, wye junctions, baskets, duplex and fabricated strainers from Eaton (Hayward), and Mueller Steam Specialty, as well as a wide variety of wash down equipment from Strahman. We also carry a complete line of Flexitallic gaskets including spiral wound, RTJ, PTFE, non-asbestos, metallic, kammprofile, heat exchanger gaskets, and PTFE joint sealant tape. If you need the right parts, and need them fast, contact American Precision Supply.

Please see below for a list of Pipe Specialties we carry:

  • Self Cleaning Filters

  • Wye, Basket, Duplex and Fabricated Strainers

  • Spiral Wound Gaskets
  • RTJ Gaskets
  • PTFE Gasket Material
  • Non-Asbestos Gasket Material
  • Metallic Gaskets
  • PTFE Joint Sealant Tape
  • Heat Exchanger Gaskets
  • kammprofile Gaskets

  • Wye, Basket, Duplex and Fabricated Strainers

  • Wye, Basket, Duplex and Fabricated Strainers

  • Wash Down Equipment