Valve Actuation

At American Precision Supply, we can provide quality solutions for all of your valve actuation needs. Our talented sales and actuation team combined with years of proven experience enable us to create custom solutions for any application. We offer a wide variety of automated on/off valve products, including butterfly, globe, ball, and gate valves, and we can work with you to determine the best valve and actuator for your project.

Why Choose American Precision Supply Custom Valve Automation Assemblies

When partnering with American Precision Supply for your custom valve automation assemblies, you gain access to a host of benefits, including:

  • Custom solutions. Our expert sales team can work with you to create a fully customized assembly that fits your specific needs. We also have the ability to custom tag your projects.
  • Quick quotes and detailed documentation. We pride ourselves on delivering a quick quote turnaround and providing complete documentation on all our automated packages.
  • In-house capabilities. We can build your fully automated valve package as well as produce mounting hardware and specialty brackets all under one roof.
  • Testing and delivery. We will fully test your automated assemblies and deliver them to your facility ready for installation.

Automated Ball Valve Assembly

A ball valve is a shut-off valve that can control the flow of liquid or gas through the use of a rotary ball with a bore. By rotating the ball 90 degrees on its axis, the medium can easily flow or be blocked.

A ball valve provides some unique advantages. Most notably, it offers reliable sealing, a long service life, and is more resistant to contaminated media compared to other valve types. For these reasons, ball valves are most commonly used as shut-off valves, but specialized versions can be used as control valves.

Actuated Globe Valve Assembly

Globe valves are linear motion valves designed with a stem that moves either up or down to regulate the medium’s flow, a disc, and a seat that is typically screwed into the valve body.

Using a globe valve can yield some important advantages. Specifically, it has an excellent shut-off capability, a shorter stroke compared to gate valves, and moderate to good valve throttling. Globe valves are used in various applications to stop, start, or throttle medium flow. Application examples include:

  • Systems for turbine lube oil
  • Fuel oil systems
  • Cooling water systems
  • Chemical feed or feed water systems
  • Boiler and main steam drains and vents

Actuated Butterfly Valve Assembly

Butterfly valves work by the rotation of a disc within the valve’s body. A rod feeds through the disc and is connected to an actuator that controls the disc’s motion. With a quarter-turn rotation of the disc, you can regulate the flow of materials. The biggest difference between butterfly valves and other valve types is that the disc is always present in the flow, causing a pressure change for any valve position.

Butterfly valves offer various advantages, such as quick operation, cost-effectiveness, and a small installation footprint. They are also lightweight, available in larger sizes, and offer a tighter seal compared to globe or gate valves. These advantages make butterfly valves suitable for on-off services, modulating services, and use as a general shut-off valve above 1.5”-148”.

Automated Gate Valve Assembly

A gate valve is a type of linear motion control valve that either stops fluid flow completely or allows media to flow through unobstructed. As their name suggests, gate valves feature a closure element that slides into the flow stream and provides shutoff.

One of the main advantages of gate valves is their unobstructed passageway, which results in minimal pressure loss. This makes it an ideal choice for applications such as water supply systems and other systems that work with slurries and viscous media.

Valve Actuation from American Precision Supply

No matter which type of valve assembly you need, our expert team can help provide a solution. We can build nearly any actuated valve assembly package with pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators as well as integrated valve actuation solutions consisting of the valve, actuator, solenoid, and switchbox. We can also provide:

  • Limit switches
  • Positioners
  • Speed controllers
  • Special tubing

All of our valve package assemblies are fully tested prior to shipping to ensure optimal performance. For more information about our valve actuation solutions, request a quote today.