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Xomox Valves and Actuators

Process Ball Valves:

Only XOMOX Process Ball Valves embody all the quality, performance, value, and safety features required in process applications. The XOMOX Process Ball Valves are available in one-piece flanged, two-piece flanged, and three-piece screwed, socket-welded, and butt-weld ends configurations. XOMOX ball valves provide tight shutoff from vacuum through rated pressure at temperatures from -20 degrees F to 450 degrees F.

Plug Valves:

Sleeved plug valves are non-lubricated quarter-turn valves that achieve sealing through the use of a compressible sleeve as a sealing member. In many applications they operate virtually maintenance free for decades. Sleeved plug valves are used for on/off and throttling service in demanding process applications with media temperatures ranging from -20°F to 600°F. Standard sizes from 1/2″ to 24″, ANSI classes 150,300 & 600. Body & plug materials range from ductile iron and stainless steel to the most exotic alloys.

Lined Valves:

Lined valves and accessories use fluorocarbons such as PFA, PVDF, PTFE, PFA-AS (antistatic), and UHMWPE upon customer request. The melt process allows the liner to be locked into dovetails, locking grooves, and locking holes in the casting. Consequently, the potential for liner collapse and blow out is minimized. Additionally, PFA and FEP liners are inherently less porous than PTFE.

High Performance Butterfly Valves:

XOMOX offers a broad range of high performance butterfly valves to handle virtually any process application. Available to fit ASME (ANSI) or DIN piping systems in pressure classes 150, 300 and 600 (PN 10/16, PN 25/40, and PN63/100). Standard valves are offered with soft (PTFE) seats, Fire-tested, or high temperature metal seats. The new 800 ISO valves offer an ISO 5211 actuator interface with an extended neck to allow for pipe insulation, a smooth uninterrupted retainer and closed bottom for improved safety and leak prevention.


XOMOX® automated valve packages assure you of single source responsibility for flow control equipment. With the XOMOX family of valves, actuators, control accessories, and XOMOX problem solving expertise, you are assured of valve packages that will provide optimum performance in your application.